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Drink in Style.

springtime aromas

Taste & Smell: 

The medium-body wine relaxes the body, the woodsy notes mixed with rich fruit flavors and a touch of acidity and pepper give it a superior taste. It persuades you to drink more than one glass.


Our red blend pairs nicely with steaks, burgers, braised beef, or your favorite pasta with tomato sauce. It also pairs well with mushrooms and cheeses. To complete your meal, a slice of decadent choclate cake to savor while continuously sipping our red blend. It sounds like perfection. 

Flat rate shipping

We are offering flat-rate shipping when you purchase two bottles or more of our wine. Use the discount code POISED20 at check out.  Choose Fed Ex Ground (FXG) as your shipping option. Happy Shopping!

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Welcome to Poise'd

I believe that food is to be enjoyed, savored if you will. Why not add the wine of your choice to continue this delectable journey. I enjoy exploring the wine paired with a meal and the flavors that it brings out.  I like to call it a party in my mouth. So come along with me and let us taste good food and intoxicating wine. 

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